Thursday, April 15, 2021

 About Me,

My Code,

For 15 months,
November 16th 2019 to April 15th 2021,
I have logged over 1,860 hours of work designing and coding C# in the Unity 3D engine. 

In Jan 2013 
I made the BIG jump, taking StarFluke onto Unity 3D.  My co worker at Disney Playdom gave me a big thumbs up and cheered me on saying I made the right choice with Unity. 

I nearly drove myself CRAZY deciding whether I should start coding my game design plans in the
"C++ Unreal Engine" or in the "C# Unity Engine."

C++ was my language of choice for ten years until Boeing put me on a C# project.
 I designed and programmed an office application in C# for Boeing VPs.
It was successful and I was given a small reward!  I was told it was liked so much that floor managers all across Boeing started using it.

 C# became my new favorite programming language!
I played around testing C++ in Unreal and C# in Unity, finding both to be equally awesome.  It was a hard choice.

The Free Unity 3D game engine finally won out and I started bashing out C# code. 
I stored up just enough dough to work in my office designing and coding up the game of my dreams.
I have enjoyed working over the past eight years in the Unity Game Engine.
This video demonstrates my completed A* (AStar) Pathfinder Algorithm. The A* pathfinder chooses the best path for the game character. A* selects a path that attempts to avoid travel through rough territories across the planet.



The images below are showing off 
 my algorithm named "Planet Builder" 
Planet Builder Pseudo Randomly generates planets and places objects to designated territories across the surface of the planets.

 The Planet Builder code is designed to generate 3D game characters and objects
across the galaxy of stars and planets. 
Can you see how they are overlapping? 
I now need to write City Builder code to evenly distribute the buildings and lay out the city according to supply, demand, and population.

I designed and programmed a Pseudo Random Infinite Universe 
 algorithm in C# that generates over a thousand stars with orbiting planet systems. 

Friday, April 9, 2021

I am Using Adobe's "Substance Editor" for my Planet Texture Sets


I am using the free Adobe Substance Editor.
 I have designed and coded terrain texture sets in C# and HLSL
to be procedurally generated across each planet surface. 
Each set is using 24 Substances.

A new Game feature -
Freely change the texture set to your liking!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

My C# Planner and Pathfinder Code Executes!

I have been designing and programming my AI Planner this past year. Here are some screenshots of my Planner in action.  These 3D game objects are deployed in my Infinite Universe by my AI Planner. 
I am programming version 2 of my Hierarchical Pathfinder. 
I am excited to complete the Pathfinder and see these BOTS walk the Planets!
Thank You for Visiting my Portfolio. If you have any questions please email me. 


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Starfluke Game Update

Tanks are In!

Oh.. there you are.. HA HA HA!!!!

Testing a collection of textures on the Planets
New Tex system displaying 64 VIVID random textures on this planet!

Here we see 16 Textures on this Planet Above