Saturday, April 13, 2013

C4D L-System

Software programming can be like a tree.  It begins with a concept and at times will grow into something more than expected.

Rendered in Cinema 4D. The tree is an L-System Turtle script. The grass is a Hair object. The background is a Physical Sky.
Post render processing done in After Effects.
In C4D the L-System consistently pops as growth animates between x.999 and x+1,000 so I speed up the growth before this transition to reduce the visual aberration.   By using the Physical Renderer I was able to turn on motion blur for the transition as well.  I found that the snap still was too noticeable in the final render so (instead of waiting for another render) I took the video into After Effects and used Wide Time over the transitions.  With Wide Time it is easy to keyframe the Forward Steps and Backward Steps from 0 to x at the transition frame then from x to 0 to smoothly remove the effect again.

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