Thursday, April 15, 2021

 About Me,

My Code,

For 15 months,
November 16th 2019 to April 15th 2021,
I have logged over 1,860 hours of work designing and coding C# in the Unity 3D engine. 

In Jan 2013 
I made the BIG jump, taking StarFluke onto Unity 3D.  My co worker at Disney Playdom gave me a big thumbs up and cheered me on saying I made the right choice with Unity. 

I nearly drove myself CRAZY deciding whether I should start coding my game design plans in the
"C++ Unreal Engine" or in the "C# Unity Engine."

C++ was my language of choice for ten years until Boeing put me on a C# project.
 I designed and programmed an office application in C# for Boeing VPs.
It was successful and I was given a small reward!  I was told it was liked so much that floor managers all across Boeing started using it.

 C# became my new favorite programming language!
I played around testing C++ in Unreal and C# in Unity, finding both to be equally awesome.  It was a hard choice.

The Free Unity 3D game engine finally won out and I started bashing out C# code. 
I stored up just enough dough to work in my office designing and coding up the game of my dreams.
I have enjoyed working over the past eight years in the Unity Game Engine.
This video demonstrates my completed A* (AStar) Pathfinder Algorithm. The A* pathfinder chooses the best path for the game character. A* selects a path that attempts to avoid travel through rough territories across the planet.

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